Workshop for Aga Khan Education Services in Dubai

I am honored to have been invited to lead a workshop beginning January 17th, 2015 in Dubai, for the educational leaders of the Aga Khan Education Services (AKES), which operates over 200 schools in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Kenya, Tanzania, the Kyrgyz Republic, Uganda, and Tajikistan.

I plan to describe in detail the essential elements of high-expertise teaching  and outline what we have learned at RBT about how to design and strengthen the following seven personnel processes required to build teacher professional capacity:

  1. Hiring and placement
  2. Comprehensive induction system for new hires
  3. Role definition and skills of instructional coaches and other teacher leaders
  4. Professional development resources and teacher access
  5. Teacher supervision and evaluation
  6. School organization for effective collaboration
  7. Adult professional culture

I look forward to several productive and stimulating days of learning  with these committed educational leaders.

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